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In Enterprise IT Solutions, we assist organization to realize their value of their IT data center by presenting technology services into business services. Today as business units are the core of the organizations, technology is the enabler. Our solutions are align to simplify the representation of IT into business services so that the services as easily interpreted and understood.

IT Service Management (ITSM) is a solution that aligns with ITIL methodology for organizations that looks towards a more standardize Data Center and IT operations. ITSM solutions facilitates organizations to deliver value towards being proactive towards delivering a set of IT services to meet the demands of businesses that are measurable.

We offer the new generation of IT service management solutions. Certified PinkVERIFY 3.1, the ASG PS’Soft solution is the choice for large and medium-sized enterprises.

The solution capability meets the needs for:

  1. Implementation or Extending the scope of ITIL best practices
  2. Improve performance and meeting Service-Levels
  3. Align services on governance strategy
  4. Implement an overall IT service management policy
  5. Centralized service delivery in the organization

ASG PS’Soft Suite offers a comprehensive Service Management suite that covers all the essential dimensions of efficient, all-inclusive service management.

  1. ASG-PS’Soft IT Service Management NG
  2. ASG-PS’Soft Change Management
  3. ASG-PS’Soft Request Management
  4. ASG-PS’Soft Advance Service Management
  5. ASG-PS’Soft IT Business Intelligence

Our solution offering provides a unique and distinct technology in the life cycle of data and records management. We have helped organizations especially in the banking and finance with the technology to manages their critical data from the point of generation to the regulatory retention to its disposal.. Coupled together with our experienced consultants In the subject matter, we impart best practices in the projects and offer sound advise in managing their content.

As data continues to grow in an exponential rate, it is vital that the technology that is chosen have the ability to meet the demands. We believe our solution addresses this and beyond to meet businesses goals.

Solution Offerings:

  1. ASG-Viewdirect Suite for Archiving and Storage for Business Information
  2. ASG-Records Manager for Electronic Management in High Volume Record Retention Environments
  3. ASG-Total Content Integration for Content Search and Integration Across Disparate Repositories
  4. ASG-WorkflowDirect for Automated Business Processes and E-Business Operations
  5. ASG-Cypress for Integrated Document Assembly and Delivery
  6. Bdoc Suite for Enterprise Document Creation and Custom Communication

Understanding Performance Management is an importance component of every IT organization because the computing requirements have increased in a drastic manner and the Main question is how would IT professionals know and understand what they have.. How can they be able to proactively understand the performance of their systems, applications, network, and storage and react accordingly.
The important aspects of performance management is to have the capabilities to Detact, Focus, Find, Improve and Repeatable (self monitoring)

Solution Offerings:

  1. ASG-Perfman 2020 – Capacity Planning for complext IT infrastructures
  2. ASG-TMON Business Service Management – for Business Managers complete control on performance management
  3. ASG-TMON Infrastructure – for the Technical Manager control over the infrastructure on its health, availability and performance for the systems and subsystems
  4. ASG-TMON RealTime – for assureing that every day business is as usual. The ability in meeting Service-level agreeement (SLAs), ASG TMON allows you to maintain a healthy infrastructure that leads to better overall management.

Application management entails the ability to have be able to have an understanding of the applications and maintain the life cycle of the application codes. We offer tools that covers in the areas of application modernization, life cycle management, application testing n regression tools that helps application teams to simply the mundane tasks and focus towards delivering quality applications to meet their business requirements.

The solution offers IT Application Managers and Developers to have an understanding of application across the enterprise. This will lead to the capabilities of an effective Application Portfolio Management.

Solution Offerings

  1. ASG-Becubic – for an understanding of the business application across the mainframe and distributed technologies and the foundation for the Application Portfolio Management
  2. ASG SmartTeam Suite – mainframe testing tools that enables your development resources to fully test and improve application quality
  3. ASG-Life Cycle Manager – for mainframe change control management
  4. ASG COBOL Suite – for program level management for COBOL