Mainframe Offerrings

Workload Automation

We specialize in provide solutions that manages critical workload automation – enterprise job schedule in a multi platform environment that covers both the Mainframe and Distributed platforms. With the centralized management of the workloads, data centers can simply the management of their complex job scheduling demands in the heterogeneous environment.

Our broad range of solutions are classified into Workload Automation/Scheduling, Workload Enhancement/JCL Management and Workload Analysis and Planning.

Workload Automation/Scheduling Solutions ASG Enterprise Workload suite ( commonly known as ASG Z-family of schedulers) is a set that provides centralized management of Event based and Time based jobs for automated process and scheduling.

Workload Enablement/JCL Management Solutions The set of solutions provides Data Center operations with tools for comprehensive Production JCL Management and Automated Tape Management Workload Analysis and Planning Solutions A comprehensive workload analysis and forecasting tools will complete the overall Automation suite for precise workload analysis. This will provide graphically presenting complex scheduling details and documentation of objects and attributes.

Performance Management

We help organization to realize the true potential of the IT systems that power your enterprise. Now you can effectively monitor and manage your computing environment, from the supporting systems, applications, components, and platforms to the actual end-user. The important aspects of performance management is to have the capabilities to Detact, Focus, Find, Improve and Repeatable (self monitoring)

Solution Offerings:

ASG-Perfman 2020 – Capacity Planning for complex IT infrastructures ASG-TMON Business Service Management – for Business Managers complete control on performance management

ASG-TMON Infrastructure – for the Technical Manager control over the infrastructure on its health, availability and performance for the systems and subsystems ASG-TMON RealTime – for assuring that every day business is as usual.

The ability in meeting Service-level agreement (SLAs), ASG TMON allows you to maintain a healthy infrastructure that leads to better overall management.

Real-Time Defrag For Z/OS

24×7 Mainframe DASD Optimization

RTD is the only product in the world to optimize disk space utilization while your DASD are in use. The use of disk storage continues to grow as companies store continuously increasing amounts of data due to growth, acquisition, or regulation. Disk storage is one of the largest items in any IT budget and an important asset to any company. As companies grow, make acquisitions, and comply with regulatory requirements, the need for additional disk storage also grows.

  • RealTime Defrag for z/OS (RTD/zOS)
  • RealTime Defrag for DB2 (RTD/DB2)

Getting the most from this valuable resource keeps operations flowing smoothly, maintains quick access to data through both online and batch processing, and minimizes waste.

Many IT storage managers are forced to over allocate disk storage to ensure there is enough space to accommodate the addition of business data for an extended period of time. If disk space is not overallocated and the file is filled, all processing that requires the use of that file is stopped, causing a huge disruption to the company’s business processes. While the goal is accomplished, the cost is high.

RTD stands for: Disk Space Recovery Around the Clock Automatic Optimization in Real Time Batch Window Constraint Relief (BWCR) Stabilized Production by Avoiding x37 Abends Reduced Energy Consumption through Efficient DASD Usage

Report Management – Archiving and Records Management

Report Management The solution, is the most powerful solution for enterprise archiving and records management. It captures, stores, and links content, in any format, from any source, and delivers it throughout your enterprise. With the solution, end-users obtain mission-critical content, regardless of the source, through their preferred delivery method, while IT meets corporate requirements for authenticated access and data lifecycle management.

ASG-ViewDirect Suite for Archiving and Storage of Business Information is the world’s most scalable, full-featured archiving platform, manages billions of items a year as the “archive of record” for leading organizations around the world. Migrating static content to ViewDirect for long-term retention facilitates compliance with support for read-only storage and minimizes costs with support for the full range of storage media.

Features at a glance:

  • Captures content from any source and in any volume across your enterprise
  • Provides unlimited scalability for organizations of all sizes on both mainframe and distributed platforms
  • Offers unsurpassed query capability across diverse platforms and sources
  • Leverages dynamic indexing to provide high-speed searches
  • Provides immediate information retrieval, even during peak times
  • Delivers content in an appropriate format via multiple channels, without the need for third-party software
  • Incorporates section-bursting to permit secure distribution of information
  • Provides flexibility to define storage hierarchy and retention rules Integrates with multiple security solutions to enforce corporate policies

Application Modernization

Visibility and Control on Applications Assets

The application offers visibility and control on applications assets and improve developer productivity throughout the software life cycle. This includes End-to-end understanding of your application assets across the enterprise provide significant benefits.

  • It enables application extension, transformation, and reuse, as well as the integration of new application architectures.
  • The suite of tools enables your development resources to fully test and improve application quality while expediting the maintenance process.
  • The synergy between the products enables programmers to quickly diagnose and resolve production problems in the core mainframe environments.
  • System z data sources can be leveraged to enable a true production-level test environment.

The solution offers IT Application Managers and Developers to have an understanding of application across the enterprise. This will lead to the capabilities of an effective Application Portfolio Management.

Solution Offerings

ASG-Becubic – for an understanding of the business application across the mainframe and distributed technologies and the foundation for the Application Portfolio Management

ASG SmartTeam Suite – mainframe testing tools that enables your development resources to fully test and improve application quality ASG-Life Cycle Manager – for mainframe change control management ASG COBOL Suite – for program level management for COBOL