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About ASG (www.asg.com)

ASG provides Global 5000 businesses with world-class professional services and software solutions for Metadata Management, Applications Management, Operations Management, Content Management, Performance Management, Security Management, and Infrastructure Management. Through a wealth of technologies, which have been either developed in-house or gained through strategic acquisitions, ASG enables clients with both mainframe and distributed environments to mobilize their resources, boost productivity, and enhance performance through the intelligent use of technology. Currently, more than 30% of ASG employees focus exclusively on product development enhancement and maintenance, in order to ensure ASG products respond to the changing needs of its clients.

Strategic acquisitions are central to ASG’s ability to provide the most diversified range of robust product offerings. In fact, ASG has completed more than 30 acquisitions that have dramatically enhanced distribution synergies, customer diversity, and profitability. ASG also offers its solutions at a rate that averages 30% lower than the list prices of any competitor.

ASG is devoted to helping clients reduce operating costs, enhance customer service, and differentiate their products in the marketplace. ASG’s customer satisfaction rate is more than 90%. The company’s client portfolio includes industry leaders such as American Express, Coca-Cola, DaimlerChrysler, General Electric, HSBC, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Merrill Lynch, Procter & Gamble, Sony, Toyota, Verizon, and Wells Fargo.

Founded in 1986, ASG is headquartered in Naples, Florida, USA, with more than 1000 employees and over 70 offices worldwide.

About InterChip (www.interchip-software.com)

INTERCHIP AG with international headquarters based in Munich, Germany, was founded in 1987.

The company is privately held and provides enterprise-wide, multi-platform solutions for the optimization of complex IT environments.

In addition to representing selected software companies in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, INTERCHIP AG develops its own market-leading products.

INTERCHIP AG products such as RealTime Defrag and RealTime Standards are currently in daily use at some of the largest banks, insurance companies and airlines worldwide.

About CSI International (www.tcpip4vse.com)

CSI International is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) providing software and consulting solutions to customers who use IBM’s z/OS and z/VSE operating systems and related products.

CSI’s software solutions are available worldwide through its international distribution network, and directly in North America from CSI and select business partners. The corporate headquarters are located in Williamsport, Ohio, with additional facilities for Research and Development, Sales, and Technical Support in Ohio, Minnesota, Colorado, and California

About TPS Systems Inc. (www.tps.com)

A thirty-three year old company that focuses in the world of connectivity.

TPS® has evolved from a firm exclusively focused on software for the IBM Series/1 family to one focused on SNA-centric communications to a present day firm focused on network management solutions.
TPS® continues to support the legacy-based customers and to provide them with products that will ease their migration from SNA to TCP/IP
All the products are marketed to a global clientele of primarily Fortune 500 firms and large governmental agencies.

TPS®/NFM (NetWork File Manager) is a Client/Server system designed to move files and other resources throughout the bank’s internal network utilizing NetView-like Transmission Plans. It is a full-featured enterprise/network file distribution system packed with many options including secure file transfers, file tracking and auditing, scheduled or automated data delivery and remote program execution.

TPS®/NFM JES Interface is capable of reading files directly from the JES output queue. Does not do any reformatting.